Going to Delhi from Chennai? Here are Ways in which you can Reach Delhi

Just as Chennai is the gateway to the southern part of India, Delhi has the distinction of being the gateway to the north. The northern part of India has a lot of famous Hindu pilgrimages. There are places like Hrishikesh, Haridwar, Kedarnath, and Badrinath. A lot of South Indians do visit these pilgrim locations every year. Now, you need to touch Delhi before embarking further on these pilgrimages. Hence, there is a demand for flight tickets from Chennai to Delhi.

In addition to these pilgrimages, you have places of tourist interest like Mussorie, Shimla, Kashmir, and so on. These places also entail that you touch Delhi. The national capital is an important transit point for all these locations.

How can you reach Delhi from Chennai?

You can reach Delhi by road, rail, and air. The road journey is a very tedious one because of the sheer distance. Trains are a popular mode of transport. You have many trains running between Chennai and Delhi. Unfortunately, the volume of traffic is such that it is difficult to get tickets. The fastest train, Rajdhani Express takes around 28 hours to complete the journey. Hence, many people prefer to fly to Delhi. They save a lot of time in the bargain because the flying time between Chennai and Delhi is just around 3 hours.

Flights from Chennai to Delhi

You will be surprised to note that there are 975 flights between Chennai and Delhi on a weekly basis. Therefore you can deduce there are around 6 flights in an hour. Now, that is a tremendous statistic. Practically, every low-cost airline has flights from Chennai to Delhi. Some of these flights do not originate from Chennai. There are flights from Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram that halt at Chennai en route to Delhi.

In addition, you have the national air carriers Indian Airlines and Air India having their flights to Delhi. Therefore, it is comparatively easy to get flight tickets from Chennai to Delhi.

How do you book tickets on these flights?

Booking flight tickets from Chennai to Delhi should not be an issue at all. There are many ways of booking cheap tickets. We discuss them in brief.

  • Through travel agencies:

You have a lot of travel agencies that specialize in booking flight tickets for their clients. Some of these travel agencies are registered as official booking agents of airline companies. Hence, these agencies get special agency discounts that they pass on to their clients. Therefore, you stand to gain from these agency discounts. There is no other way you can get these attractive discounts. You stand to gain in the bargain.

  • Travel websites / flight search engines

This is the most popular way people book flight tickets from Chennai to Delhi. The best part of the exercise is that you do it yourself. Hence, you can take your own time to finalize the date and time of journey. These websites provide information about all the flights that fly between Chennai and Delhi on various days of the week. You get the chance to compare the rates thereby allowing you to choose the one most suitable to you.

These travel websites have special discount coupon offers. You can use them while booking your tickets. These discounts might not be equal to your agency discounts, but they are attractive nevertheless. The advantage of using these travel websites is that you have the facility of using your credit card to make the payment. Various banks have issued special credit cards that offer discounts and air miles. These discounts are in addition to the travel website discount coupons. This makes it a double whammy for you. Therefore, people prefer this route to book their tickets.

You have the liberty to book your tickets early and thereby avail the advantage of cheap rates. Usually, you get these benefits when you book at least 15 to 30 days in advance. Note that these rates are less than the 1A train tickets. You save a clear day when you travel by air.

  • Directly from the airlines website:

Many people prefer to book directly from the websites of the airlines. They have their favourite airline companies. Hence, they do not worry about the discounts. Usually, the frequent flyers prefer to book directly from the airlines website because they get the frequent flyer’s discounts. This can offset the discount coupons they get at these travel websites. They can always use their special credit cards and avail additional discounts from these banks. Hence, these are also one of the most popular ways to book flight tickets from Chennai to Delhi.


Delhi is a compulsory transit point for pilgrims from the southern states. Therefore there is tremendous traffic from Chennai to Delhi necessitating the high volume of air traffic.