How to Start a Motor Sports & Accessories Business

There are a lot of people who love the excitement of riding a hot new bike like the 2018 Kawasaki Ninja H2. This excitement has the potential for individuals with the drive to open a motorsports & accessories store and earn a living while fulfilling their passion.

Most business owners in Kawasaki Ninja Hillsboro OR sector started out with a passion for riding motorcycles and used that as a driving force to help other riders purchase a quality motorcycle. Providing their customers with the accessories that will keep them safe and comfortable, was the long-term goal in mind.

Steps for Starting a Motorsports and Accessories Business:

Type of Motor Sports Store?

Make a choice on what type of motorsports & accessories store you want? Do you want to sell motorcycles, ATV’s, or water sports equipment? A good tip is going with what you know. If motorcycles are your thing, then stick with a product you can sell confidently. It’s not out of the question to include all motorsports in your store; however, hiring experts in those fields will be necessary to uphold your level of expertise for those customers inquiring about those products.

Write a Business Plan

Create a business plan that is directly related to your mission statement and purpose as well as future financial projections. Having a business plan explains your vision for potential investors and lenders. There are professional online businesses that can help you write a rock-solid business plan if you’re not sure of what to do and they can increase your odds of being approved for a loan.

Get Your Legal Aspects Finalized

Register your business name with the city clerk and set your business up as either a corporation or a limited liability company. To file for an LLC, you’ll need to file articles of organization in your state and pay a fee. A business license to sell products in your area will also be required.


How many times have we all heard this? Location is key in any business endeavor and you will need to secure a location that has easy access for customers while providing adequate space for merchandise and a service department. Leasing a building is the logical solution to avoid being tied down to a location that might go belly up.

Other Important Considerations

You will need to figure out what brand names you want to sell and service. Brands like Kawasaki are an obvious choice, but whatever your passion is, that’s what you need to buy. You can’t sell something that you know knowing about? As mentioned above, hiring a professional in a particular brand name will be an asset to your business if you know nothing about the brand.

Finally, get your promotional items ready ahead of time with radio/TV/newspaper advertising, online, billboards, and the old-fashioned way of placing fliers on windshields in populated shopping centers. Starting your own business in this sector can be like living the American dream while riding in the wind.