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Few nutrients have created as much controversy over the previous couple of years as cholesterol. For the past 2 nights, my roommates and I have been progressively getting increasingly irritated as the evening goes on. It is because the wee hours of the morning drag on due to the ladies in the room above us. It would not help that I have also been suffering from a cold, and the room instantly above us apparently has no personal curfew.\n\nThe controversy grew to become even more heated when studies investigating the function of different fats in the body showed that top concentrations of fats, especially saturated and trans fats, may cause the body to make too much cholesterol of its own, and bundle it in LDL proteins.\n\nIn another of my articles Incarceration, castration or execution – attempts to manage the harmful, violent sex offender we realized legislation enforcement complains the sex offender’s registry is so cluttered by non-dangerous, non-offenders (those guilty of public exposure, for example or those entrapped in sting operations, or young men involved with a girl just below the age of consent) that it really impedes efforts to supervise and control true dangerous offenders.\n\nNow, remember I reside on the southernmost tip of Sarasota County, so this radius encompasses an excellent chunk of Port Charlotte (population 51,345, number of sex offenders a hundred or 1/513) in Charlotte county, but even so, it appears that no less than 30 of North Port’s 78 sex offenders, and 30 of Port Charlotte’s a hundred, including 5 designated sexual predators (the pink flags) reside within five miles of my residence.\n\nIn Florida, the relevant legislation (F.S. 794.065) makes it unlawful for a person convicted on or after October 1, 2004, (the effective date of the legislation) of a specified sexual battery or lewd or lascivious offense in opposition to a victim underneath the age of 16 from residing with a 1,000 foot perimeter of any of the above mentioned services.