Kawasaki Brings Style and Innovation with Over Twenty Years of the Ninja

The Kawasaki Ninja has been making history and breaking records since the GPZ900R was introduced to the public in 1984. Their bikes are available in single, 2, and 3 cylinder engines depending on the model and the year. The history of the bike is rich and there is a culture surrounding it that is uniquely its own.

Many people still think of black-clad men jumping around and fighting people when they think of the word “ninja”, but for fans of the Kawasaki bikes, they see a sleek machine with incredible performance power. The legendary bikes are available in many different styles, models and colors, although one of the most popular colors available is the sleek bright green that quickly became popular with the older generations of the bikes. You can check one out at a Kawasaki Ninja hillsboro or dealership.

The story of the Kawasaki Ninja is one that is full of important innovations. Since the bike was first in development, Kawasaki was determined to create the ultimate motorcycle for racers and street riders both. The motorcycles have become completely beloved by their fans throughout their history.


In the year that the Kawasaki Ninja was first released, the bike had no problem gaining attention from others. the engine contained 4 cylinders that were liquid-cooled and featured a dual overhead camshaft. The body of the bike was compact and lightweight which made it designed for speed. It was able to break the speed record of the world by reaching 250 kilometers an hour and was dubbed the “Bike of the Year” by many who were impressed with its design and capabilities.


When the Ninja first was released, it was known as a racing bike. This continued in 1988 when their Ninja ZX-10 smashed the existing speed record by getting their bike up to 270 kilometers an hour. It’s lightweight aluminum frame and 997cc engine were the main factors involved with creating the racing spirit of the bike.


in 1990, their new ZX-11 became known as the “King of Speed” featuring its Ram Air System, the first of its kind in the world. The ZX-11 was the first motorcycle to be considered part of the “flagship” bike category. Kawasaki was so confident with their new motorcycle model that it included a speedometer that hit 320 kilometers an hour!


During the years approaching the release of the Ninja ZX-9R, Kawasaki had been continuously making the frames of their bikes lighter without sacrificing safety or strength. Their new model set new standards for motorcycles when it came to balance, size, and power. The Kawasaki ZX-9R brought high-performance motorcycles to a new level that was hard to beat.

Even today more than 20 years later, the Kawasaki Ninja is still going strong and making creative innovations. Throughout the years, their handling has improved dramatically when compared to previous models that already handled well compared to their contemporaries from other brands of motorcycles.