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It can be a challenge to get young folks excited about reading. Most ongoing rumours had little to do with jallikattu as a sport; they related mainly to the turn of events following the demise of the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. In the circumstances that prevail at present in Tamil Nadu — presenting as it does a sorry spectacle of being adrift in choppy waters — the jallikattu agitation only supplied a possibility to stir up the proverbial witch’s brew.\n\nIt was perceived as a peaceful protest by Tamil youth in opposition to restrictions imposed on jallikattu, which had been portrayed as an assault on Tamil cultural traditions. It is these segments in nearly every country of the world at present which might be leading the revolt in opposition to the so-known as elite”.\n\nThe digital highway has been the principal medium for initiating lots of the radical and basic adjustments that have taken place these days and this should not be overpassed by those in authority in India. It is quite obvious that the political class as a complete, and not only the administration, has little understanding of the undercurrents that exist at present.\n\nThe fact is much graver than what the administration and the Opposition are making it out to be. A resurgence of Tamil chauvinism is obvious. Furthermore, sizeable segments in Tamil Nadu feel even more estranged from New Delhi than before as a result of Centre’s policies over issues such as the Cauvery water dispute.\n\nIt will be rather more than mere political myopia if the State administration and other State politicians had been to turn a blind eye to this reemergence of anti-national and anti-social forces in Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu, the perception of a diffusion of power” gives the impression of it being a weak state.