Reasons to Try Skydiving

Millions of people around the world love extreme sports; accelerated freefalling (AFF) is a skydiving experience you’ll always remember. AAF is a method of skydiving training, it’s called accelerated because when you’re falling from 15,000 feet, this is the fastest way to experience freefalling. If you’re looking to try AFF CA is the place to go, here are some reasons why you should consider trying AFF.

Learning a New Skill

In life knowledge is everything; it never hurts to learn a new skill. Accelerated freefalling is the fastest, most popular way to learn how to skydive, it allows you to experience freefalling on your first jump. Accelerated Freefalling gives you full control of your parachute, usually on your first jump, you’ll be accompanied by two highly trained instructors, who are there to coach and teach you everything you need to know. Accelerated freefalling is also extremely safe, there are less than ten skydiving related deaths a year, and those statistics mean it’s 10,000 times safer than driving. On your initial jump, your instructor will hold on to you until your parachute deploys, this is commonly referred to as a Harness Hold Training, once your chute has pulled the instructor will then let go of you and fly away. On your initial AFF training, you’ll start off at 6000 ft, and eventually progress to being able to jump on your own, without the instructor.

Bonding Experience

Often times when learning how to AFF, you’ll train in groups; this can be the ultimate bonding experience. On my first skydiving experience, I was able to make friends with people from all over the world who shared an equal love for this exhilarating sport. Skydiving is not only a great way to make new friends; it can also be used to bring you and your significant other closer together. There is nothing that brings a couple closer together than skydiving, some people even have been known to propose while freefalling.

Extremely Fun and Fulfilling

Many people try AAF because it gives them a chance to achieve something awesome; it’s the closest thing to human flight you’ll ever experience. It gives you a chance to glide aimlessly through the sky, soaring above the clouds, you’ll be able to breathe in the fresh air, and watch the world below you.

Face your Fears

Millions of people around the world suffer from acrophobia, the fear of heights. What Better way to help conquer your fears than falling from 8,000 feet, it will not only give you a great sense of accomplishment but can also be a huge confidence builder. Freefalling is the ultimate natural high, as you fly through the sky, it will give you a better perspective on life.

An Unforgettable Experience

Accelerated Freefalling is not only a lot of fun; it’s an experience that you’ll remember for years to come. Often time’s skydivers will take photos of their jump, to help you commemorate their experience because skydiving is something you’ll never forget. So jump on board and give Accelerated freefalling a try.