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North County Dentist: Impacts of the Aging Process in Oral Health

Oral health is part of general health and maintaining oral health is essential most especially for the aging population. The aging process is a natural, inevitable, and biological phenomenon affecting oral health. Systemic diseases do not only affect the elderly’s ability to maintain dental hygiene and oral health promotion but it is strongly related to the rate of oral diseases. Although these impairments are not life-threatening, they can affect the quality of life of the elderly. The best North County dentist is always available to help the elderly have their oral health assessed for proper dental treatment. You can always rely on the best North Country dentist so you can achieve your dental goals and dental health as soon as possible, and more importantly helping the elderly attain the quality of life they deserve.

When it comes to the maintenance of oral health of the elderly, proper nutrition plays a vital role to prevent fast degeneration of oral structures as well as other physical parts and their functioning. Many elderly people have poor eating habits because of disorders of the oral cavity, ill-fitting dentures, or loose painful teeth. On the other hand, a compromised nutritional status can undermine the oral cavity’s integrity. With aging, there are changes in the salivary glands and secretion which affect the oral status of the elderly. Minor and major salivary glands undergo degenerative changes including atrophy, and along with dry mouth and dental caries attributed to reduced saliva production. The oral mucosa consists of histological layers of epithelium and connective tissue which serve as protective barriers, but they degenerate along with aging causing harmful chemicals and microorganisms to penetrate affecting oral health and general health. The aging process causes changes in the teeth such as altered surface structure, color changes, flat enamel, change in shape and form, reduced quantity and quality, and teeth transparency.

The changes in the morphology of the teeth and other oral structures bring health impacts and most importantly the dental treatments a dentist implements. If you are looking for a trusted, reliable, expert, and experienced dentist in North County specializing in geriatric dental health, we can help you find one in North County. Allow us to help you find the best North County dentist today by visiting our homepage or website now! The elderly can obtain a quality of life through regular dental visits to the best North County dentist! You can check it out on our website or homepage now! Take care of your oral health because it is the window to your overall health.

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