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Sports-related websites in the U.S. drew a whole unique audience of 77.5 million visitors in September. The peak period (>10% above norm) for visitation is from October to March, with a 2015 range between +35% in the October-December quarter (when the positioning briefly pips AFL as essentially the most visited sports website in the country) and -41% in April-June.\n\nIn fifth spot with full-12 months visitation of 683,000 Australians in a median four weeks, the NRL website has the same >10% peak period as the AFL (April to October)—nevertheless it has a much wider range between its peak to trough quarters: +40% in June-August and -34% in October-December.\n\nPerhaps reflecting the seasonal range of interest in NRL and AFL sites, visitation to the SMH Sport peaks at 24% above its full-12 months average and bottoms out at 24% beneath, whereas visitation to The Age Sports is more consistent over the total 12 months, with quarters between +15% and -13% of the norm.\n\nFox Sports Pulse, with results and data on grassroots and neighborhood teams across many sports, has the longest peak period, stretching from February to September, but additionally the widest range: monthly visitation is 36% larger than average in June to August, but was 55% beneath in October to December.\n\nThe federal government has seized the Internet addresses of 10 websites that allegedly reside stream sporting and pay-per-view events online, shutting them down just days before one of the greatest televised sporting events of the 12 months: the Super Bowl.