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Your Chimney Needs a Liner and Here is Why

A Chimney is vertical in shape to ensure the smooth flow of the gasses to the atmosphere and the space inside the chimney through which the air passes is called the flu.

The chimney liner is made from hollow rectangular and circular hard burnt clay which contains the combustion products inside the chimney and directing them to the atmosphere outside while protecting the inside of the walls of the chimney.

Importance of a chimney liner
lining the chimney will make it not allow heat to move through it to the adjacent inflammable items like wood which are capable of catching fire within only three and a half hours.

Protects the masonry from the dangerous aftermath of combustion; if the corrosive gases like carbon monoxide are allowed to pass through the brick and mortar, it will result in the reduction of the time for which the chimney operates.

Lining the inside of the chimney ensures that no excessive creosote build- up occurs in the burning stoves which could lead to the production of more dangerous gases carbon monoxide.

Different categories of chimney liners
The clay tiles are affordable, readily available and preferred most homes because of their good performance and long lasting ability.

Although the installation of this type of chimney is more expensive as compared to the clay-based the insulation property it has prevents the flue gases from leaking as they are fully consumed by the high temperatures in the chimney.

When the metal chimney liners are well installed and maintained they become very durable as the aluminum is effective for gas appliances only while the stainless steel will serve both oil, wood and gas applications.

Factors to consider when getting a chimney liner

Most people install chimney liners because it will ensure optimal performance of appliances in the house and it is safe to do so.

You can consider what you will have to do to correctly install the new chimney liner in case you are replacing an old one.

The kind of chimney lining you decide to install will differ regarding performance and value where the high performance will cost higher than heavy and subsequently light duty, make a choice accordingly.

with the help of a professional you will be able to choose the right size of liner to maintain or enhance the performance of the machines like furnace or fireplace.

Consider the warranty; a majority of the chimney liner warranties require that the installation is done correctly by a qualified professional and inspection did regularly.

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