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The Funny Things That Can be Remembered About a Team

There are some teams which have hit the sports headlines for all the wrong reasons. As a result, people have found themselves searching for the team in question even when the team is not the team of the season. Other than call these bad reasons, it is wise for one to refer to them as football LOL moments. Even when some issues referred to as football LOL moments may not be as laughable as they seem, one would look at them in future and laugh, after all, one can look at them as past sheer calamities. Instead of making them sound as grave as they are, it would be modest for one to look at these escapades as football LOL moments.

A club will be as lucky or as sad to have a player who will always make the club have football LOL moments. It is definitely impossible to stop some players from appearing on the other side of the football. While everyone else may be busy offering counsel to the player to keep off that side of the football, the player may be the type that never does without controversy. In the short run, most clubs have had to learn to be on the other side of football news.

Some players will play and be the referee to anyone who tries to cross their path. As a result, these players have made it to the football LOL moments where they have taken gross measures. While other players may have felt that there are so many spectators and hence see no need to react, these players have turned a blind eye on everything and first made news. One would also need to know that some football LOL moments have hit the list after large fines have been incurred by the players in question or by the club. There are also cases where some fans have taken defeat so personal and ended up punching horses as well. Some fans have hit the football LOL moments having to go behind bars for a team they support.

Some managers have also been part and puzzle of having the team hit the football LOL moments headlines. Among the weird moments include a manager who tried to sign a player already in the team. It is an outright football LOL moment for a manager to fail to know that one of his or her players is actually a player in his team. While some of these moments have been embarrassing, it would be fair for one to classify them as hilarious. Having some of these players move to other teams or some of the managers in question sacked or move to other teams have brought mixed feelings, some people feeling that the team will no longer be as fan while others feel that the team will become better.