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Although commercial and residential services are almost identical, they also have distinct differences that separate them. The first difference is that commercial security is far more extensive due to the very nature of business properties.

Finding security guards on individual residential properties is very uncommon unless the area is a large mansion or land, in which the client is wealthy. Finding retail patrol guards on commercial properties is very common. Such commercial properties are apartment complexes or gated condo development in beautiful neighborhoods. Commercial security guards maintain security on the premises at night and continuously monitor the CCTV cameras and do regular patrols on the property. How often they do patrols or if they’re on the premises 24/7 or not depends on the particular property and the need for the client or clients.

Commercial security services are different from residential security services because commercial properties have much advanced and extensive alarm systems and cameras than most residential properties. The cameras enable the retail security guards to have more views of the park from the CCTV monitors and this improves security.

Most commercial security services have elevator monitoring. This creates better two-way communication between those in the elevator and on-site security guards in case there is an emergency or malfunctioning, and it helps to ensure the safety of its occupants all of the time. On the other hand, residential security services lack this feature.

You can also differentiate commercial security services from residential security services by considering access controllability.

Commercial security, unlike with residential safe, have a great deal of access control present. Trained commercial security services will see to it, that there are no security breaches due to unauthorized access.

Most people feel uncertain about different things in the current world. The protection of person and property can be guaranteed by hiring licensed security guards.
As much as, there are, many security services in the market, availability of quality service is what is more critical.

Property owners can be at ease by hiring professional commercial and residential services because they are assured of security in their properties.

Hiring the best commercial security service for your office and house will give you a great peace of mind as well as the best ambiance. Everything will run smoothly with no issues because no entrance of strangers or intruders will be made in your post.

Protecting your valuables is another reason as to why you need to hire the best residential and commercial security services. You will also protect your life from your enemies and other various threats that may make you lose what you have earned from much hard and smart work.

If you want to have fair games, you need to hire foot patrol security. It does not matter who you are and what kind of game you are going to organize, whether it will contain small or significant number of people.

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