Try New Things and You May Find Your Passion

At first, I was never into sports. I was the type of person who was more inclined to academic related things like the biology club, or the debate team. Usually people who are into these sorts of things are not so much inclined to anything athletic. The two different natures simply don’t mix together, but I was proven wrong when I found out my passion for bowling. Since then I’ve discovered other sports through incidental circumstances rather than an intentional pursuance of becoming an actual athlete.

One day I was invited to a birthday party. This birthday party was held in a bowling arena. Deep inside I told myself, I came to the wrong party because I don’t know anything about sports much less do I know anything about bowling. Fortunately enough my 86 year old grandmother was with me and she told me just visualize the ball hitting the pins. She told me to imagine an invisible line that the ball will follow ultimately hitting the pins. She was so convinced about this technique that I said what the heck let me give it a try. So, I imagined a red invisible line as it was my turn to roll the ball. I began to focus my energy on this imaginary line, and then I released the ball. Surprisingly, I knocked out all those pins! At this point, a wave of confidence overwhelmed me. My grandmother’s technique was correct after all. I began to contemplate, what if use this technique of visualization with other sports. Later, I discovered that a lot of successful athletes in fact use the method of visualization to make their mark, or goal. As I became very interested with this technique of this realization, I began to research its benefits online. Apparently, there is a science to visualization incorporated in the field of sports.

Fortunately, that night I actually won the whole game. I was on fire! There’s a saying that goes, the strongest person is not necessarily the one who always wins, but the person who thinks he can. That quote immediately stormed into my mind as a philosophical way of convicting me of this newfound belief, and interest regarding visualization and sports.

I began to experiment with this method with other sports. First, I started with basketball. I started to visualize the ball going into the hoop. This time I missed the shot however, the more I visualized the more I began to make more hoops then fails. At this point, I was definitely convinced that this technique of visualization was the answer to my weaknesses such as Sports. I may not be the best athlete, but I could still get away with it by just the utilization of the faculty of my mind which is visualization. Immediately, I thought I’d learn to skydive ca!

That was next on my to-do list. Come to learn more about it the use of visualization can not only be exclusive to be used in sports, but in fact it can be used in many other things. For example, the law of attraction, and manifesting your dreams.