Watch Your Style While Enjoying Your Sport!

If you participate in a sport you know how important your watch can be. Although most people turn to their phone to check the time and other information when you’re at practice or running that’s just not practical and a wrist watch is the most convenient accessory to have. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice style or luxury when choosing your timepiece because Ashford has a complete line of sport watches to fit every need!

If you’re into diving you know how vital time is, and a professional Dive Master watch can be the key to a safe and enjoyable time beneath the waves. Because it’s waterproof it’s also a perfect match for boating, fishing, or water skiing.

If your sport is more hands-on you might look for a watch that’s tough and will take a beating without looking worse for the wear, so check out stainless steel PVD cases and styles with rubber straps.

If the outdoor life is your favorite pastime check out the Victorinox Swiss Army watch for a practical tool you can wear on your wrist. When you’re ready to buy download an Ashford coupon to save on your purchase!

You can choose a Swiss Quartz battery powered style that will not only withstand the rigors of soccer practice but will look great in a couple of decades when you pass it down to your son or daughter. Whether you run, play football, ski, or shoot hoops you’ll be sure to find the perfect style.

If you have a teenager in sports a high-end watch is the perfect tool for keeping stats because you can keep track of the time of various plays. It’s also great to set an alarm to remember to pick them up after practice!

While you’re shopping take a look at the more elegant styles that are designed to make a fashion statement when you’re at a black tie dinner or wedding venue. After all, watches are a type of jewelry and can speak volumes about the man that’s wearing the piece. Nothing shows success quite as well as a stunning timepiece!