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Get news feeds from your favorite teams and reporters. While many people had been spending vitality and sources complaining in regards to the government and what should have been accomplished to forestall this, the world of sports took initiative to step up and help the people who had been suffering. Peyton Manning and Eli Manning, originally from the New Orleans area, used tens of millions of dollars of their own money to load food and supplies in a airplane and personally deliver the goods to the folks of Louisiana.\n\nNBA teams like the Orlando Magic visited the realm and met with survivors, signed autographs, and simply frolicked with the victims. A staff that had never played in a Super Bowl or really ever had a successful observe report of successful overcame all odds and lifted a city to the best peak of enjoyment in the sports world.\n\nThat is something magical that only sports can provide. Again, many athletes from every major sports league came to the help of the state and helped clean up and rebuild the cities affected by this storm. No matter what adversity we are faced with, sports at all times lifts us up when all hope seems lost.\n\nWatching the Japanese Soccer staff win the championship over USA was bittersweet. The Japanese soccer staff brought hope back to their country and gave the natives purpose to cheer as they dominated the playoffs and received the championship in thrilling trend.\n\nAs an American, I was obviously rooting for the USA staff, but when Japan kicked the successful aim in the shootout round, I could not be offended or upset. I felt joy for these ladies who gave every little thing they had to win a sport that may show their country that this disaster was not going to assert their energetic hood.